Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 In Pictures (because someone took a "break" from blogging)

January (a homecoming and Molly's 5th b-day)

February (snow day!)

March (a weekend away with my handsome hubby)

April (Easter)

May (Grayson's 8th b-day and our darling dancer)

June (a graduation and (another 29th) b-day)

July (summer fun on the Umpqua and at the beach)

August (sunny days in McCall)

September (2 Cougars and a Bulldog on the 1st day of school + 3 soccer cuties)

October (fall fun)

November (Thanksgiving)

December (so far...)

Monday, December 5, 2011


Well would you look at that! It's still the same month as my last blog post! Ha! (Really, does the year matter? Such a trivial little detail. I mean, 2010? 2011? No difference, right? Right?)

Okay, yes, a WHOLE year has gone by. In fact, the only reason that you are reading this latest post is because a.) you get instant alerts (and if that's the case, I hope that my 'return' to blogging did not shock you computer into crash mode or b.) you're my mother.

I make no promises about my 'return', but when I look back at my old posts, I love that they are there. And not seeing anything from 2011 makes me sad. :( Because it has been a GREAT year! A BIG year! friends returned from Ethiopia as a family of 6, our resident 5 year-old celebrated her special day with a chef-themed party, Dave turned 36, Grayson turned 8, there was a dance recital, spring soccer, a pre-school graduation, I turned 35, swim lessons, fun summer trips to Umpqua, Kape Kiwanda, and McCall, a big first day of school for TWO Columbus Cougars, more soccer, new "village" additions to the neighborhood, Halloween, basketball, ...

Oh, and one other thing. It...I mean 'he' kind of a big deal. A really big deal.

So we shall see! But I'd say that sweet Parker James is a pretty good reason to 'return'. Stay tuned!

(Oh and I leave you with possibly the only proof that Parker will ever have to prove that he was, in fact, actually in my tummy! Poor third child...)

Thanksgiving, 2011 (almost 36 weeks)

Sweet Baby Boy