Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello, Soccer!

My 'soccer mom' position has resumed for the season! Yay! And today was game day--our first one. I can't believe the difference a year makes! Those boys didn't lose a beat. In fact, I think they found their beat! What a great little team. And here's looking forward to another great (hopefully DRY) season!

Notice the blue raincoat? It was POURING when we first got to the field. Hello, soccer season (in Oregon)!

Can't you tell these boys are happy to be back at it? Love it.

Halftime pep talk from the new coach.

G played goalie the entire second half! He blocked 3 shots and didn't get scored on once! Good job, Buddy!

Such a soccer stud. Calm, cool, and collected. :)

The Orange ______??? (I'm not sure we have a team name yet.) But nonetheless, they were victorious!

The return of the Spirit Tunnel. Oh, yeah.

This I Know...

I am NOT the one you want around in an emergency! Sad but true. They say that when necessary your instinct will kick in--that you'll know what to do--but, um, I'm thinking that it was possibly an oversight when that instinct was being passed out because I don't think I got it.

Case in point:

Miss M had a bit of mishap (or should I say mis-step?) this past week. While we were at G's soccer practice, she and her little friends were over playing on the nearby play structure. Of course the other moms and I continually glanced over to make sure that we could spot our babes who were happily climbing, sliding, and running wild. But then, in the middle of a conversation with the moms, I saw another mom running toward us across the grass with none other than my little girl in her arms. My little girl who was wailing, obviously in pain. And right then and there, my heart was in my throat. Even before the mom had a chance to tell me that M had fallen from the top, hit her head on a steel ladder rung, flipped over, and landed face first on the decking at the bottom. I scooped her into my arms, headed toward my friends, and immediately asked what to do. Obviously that instinct forgot to show up! Instead I was in panic mode. I knew it wasn't just a typical fall--I wasn't going to be able to wipe away M's tears, kiss her on her sweet little head, and send her on her merry way. For one, she wouldn't really open her eyes! So you'd think I would just know to put her in the car and head straight to the emergency room, right? Wrong. Not me, the indecisive one. But fortunately I have great friends who acted as my common sense that evening. They called my husband, assured me that I definitely SHOULD call the on-call pediatrician (duh!), and promised to take care of G as we loaded up and headed to the ER (as recommended by the doc).

Still, even after we got to the ER, I questioned whether or not we should really be there. Maybe she was fine. Maybe I was being one of those hyper-sensitive moms who turns a scraped knee into a major laceration! On the other hand though, I kept convincing myself that she WAS limp, and she could barely keep her eyes open.

So thank God the ER doc knew exactly what I needed right from the start. He knew that I needed his permission to be there. So he gave it to me and told me that I DID need to be there with my girl. That it WAS serious and he SHOULD take a look at her. Okay. Phew.

Take a look at Sweet Miss:

The doc couldn't believe the imprint left by the pattern of the decking/platform, and initially he thought that she'd definitely need a c/t scan. But then after he woke her up, got her to respond, and checked her eyes, ears, etc... he said the words that were music to my ears--"If it was MY 4 year-old grandson, I wouldn't do a scan." Alrighty then. No scan. But he was also quite quick to say that if she started to vomit, then we should definitely bring her back.

So we had literally just signed the check-out papers and turned around to walk out the doors when the vomit came. All over Dave and the waiting room floor. Ick. So back in we went, a scan was ordered, and we waited. In the end (even though it was heart wrenching to watch my baby lie there on that table, strapped down with her tiny little head smooshed in between sponge-like wedges to keep it still) she was FINE. The scan showed nothing, and after examining the pictures, the doctor was comfortable enough to say that she didn't even have a concussion--the vomit was probably just due to the stress of the situation. (And some of that stress was probably thanks, in part, to the DRUNK CRIMINAL who was in the room next door SCREAMING like his arm was being cut off--really they were putting a BAND-AID on his knee. Seriously. But that's a whole other story to tell!)

And Grayson? Well don't get me wrong, he loves his sister more than anything, but in his mind he got a pretty sweet deal out of it all--a sleepover at his buddy's house on a SCHOOL NIGHT no less! Check out Sarri's pictures here to see one happy boy...who, thank goodness, had no idea what his poor sister was going through! Thanks again, Auntie Sarri!

Off and Running!

So the 09/10 school-year is well underway, and in my new true fashion I'm way late with the first day pics. The first day of FIRST GRADE! Still, I can hardly believe it. And still, some afternoons Miss M and I find ourselves longing for our best 6 year-old play buddy. But alas, he's hit the big time--school ALL day! And while he was EXHAUSTED by the end of each day during his first week, he has handled the adjustment in stride. I'm so proud of him, and I'm excited for the year that he's going to have.

Happy and excited for our first day.

Miss M--not one to be left out!

iphone pic. Just pretend we blurred everyone's faces to protect their anonymity. Ha! The smile on G's teacher's face? That's why we love her...because she genuinely loves our boy!

Classmates reunited. And apparently happy about it!

Getting right to work.

Again, can't leave this girl out! In some ways it's hard to believe that her first day of school is still 2 years out! (In other ways I already want to crank back the hands of time and slow it down a little! Or a lot.)

Two weeks in and yes, life is crazy again. No 2 days are the same in terms of our schedule, but it's kind of a familiar normal. Almost comfortabe. G loves school, M loves her daily playdates (THANK GOD for our friends), I am happy in my new home away from home (a.k.a. my classroom), and Dave just does his best to keep up--delivering kids here, there, and everywhere!

And now? Now we just hold our breaths 'til the swine flu hits and our schedules REALLY get complicated! Ha! Ha!

Monday, September 7, 2009


So originally I had every good intention of writing a "Winding It Down" post, detailing some of the fun things we did in the latter part of August. But then, well, August came and went and all of a sudden I was back working in my classroom (albeit a new classroom). So naturally a "Ramping It Up" post seemed fitting. But then, well, I lived through the last 2 weeks. Barely. So now the only thing that seems remotely appropriate is this post about my overwhelming gratitude. The gratitude I feel toward my "village"--those people playing active roles in the raising of my children. And let me tell you, there are many! And through thick and thin, they are there. For me. For my kids. The only reason Team Ryan is ever in the Winner's Circle is because we have these amazing assistants on the sidelines, helping us carry out each play.

Having them there on the sidelines is nothing new, but it's during those times--the 'thin' of the thick and thin--when I am reminded just how important they are. How indebted I am to them.

So to my amazing family and friends, I say, "Thank you." Thank you Mom and Dad for being incredible grandparents. But what you do for our family each year at this time goes so far beyond grandparenting. Thank you for your tireless work around our house and in our yard--doing all those things that fall to the wayside during Inservice Week. You shop, you clean, you cook, and you're STILL willing and able to drop everything at a moment's notice to play yet another round of Hide-and-Seek. Or go for a walk. Or build with Legos. Or dress a baby doll in her 18th outfit of the day. How lucky Grayson and Molly are. As are we. Thank you.

And friends, I'm not sure that I could survive without you. Having my daycare arrangement fall thru in the 11th hour was about more than I could handle. But again, you were there to help me pick up the pieces. And though it wasn't THE plan for this year, somehow it just seems right to keep Molly inside the village. My heart thanks you, and I just pray that you know how far beyond the words "thank you" my gratitude extends.

Thank God that time and time again the bleachers on our team's side are full. Full of all of you. Our "village". My family is blessed to no end because of your willingness to give of yourselves for our benefit. I can only pray that someday, somehow we, in some helpful way, will be able return the favor. Until then, I just continue to say, "Thank you."

And now, family and friends, I think I must go take a nap. These last 2 weeks have EXHAUSTED me!!!