Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parents of the Year

It drives me crazy when parents bring their kids to larger social settings (say, perhaps a soccer game) and then forget to actually be parents, assuming instead that someone else will look out for the well-being of their children. Ugh. Those parents. But, then again, perhaps they do deserve a teeny tiny bit of leeway. I mean I'm sure those parents would know if, say, their daughter wandered away from the said soccer game and ended up on an entirely different field by herself. Alone. I mean alone with dozens of other strangers. I'm sure those parents would just know that one of the said strangers would take pity on their daughter and care/worry enough to try to find her rightful "owners", thus bringing her all the way over to field #1 where the said soccer game was being played. And I'm sure the stranger must just not have noticed the parents (ahem, I mean those parents) when she loudly asked for all to hear, "Did anyone lose a little girl over here? We found her on our field." Lose? No, no, no. I'm sure those parents to whom the little girl belonged knew all along. I mean because, say, the little girl was only 2 years old. What parent in her right mind would allow a 2 year-old to wander off? Unless of course she was one of those parents. Maybe perhaps she was just one of those parents for a day. You know, maybe trying to teach other parents a lesson or 2. Like it was all planned. Yeah, that's probably why she shrunk down so low in her chair so that the said stranger could not identify her as one of those parents.

So stand in line, people! If there is a 'Parent of the Year' award for those parents, I've got it all but wrapped up!...I mean I would have it all but wrapped up...if of course I was one of those parents!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Oh. My. Word. Do you people know about this? Of course you do. You're the ones who have been trying to get me to join for a long time now. Well let's just say that it has been my 'something new' this week. I resisted as long as I could. What more do you want from me?! I felt quite technologically savvy about a year ago when I jumped into the world of blogging. But really, did I need another way to keep up with my LOCAL friends who I run into all the time?! It was finally one of my best friends from childhood who convinced me to take the plunge. Thanks, Ash! And holy cow! I entered my name and just some basic information, and--poof!--the 'being' that is facebook automatically had 20+ "friends" for me! Huh. And pictures for me to see, too! In an instant. Just like that. I really shouldn't be awed by it, but I am! It's cool, but kind of scary, too. I mean--boom!--I enter that I went to Linfield, and 'it' pops up a picture of Brandon, who I really was friends with! How smart is that! And it's addictive! Because of course I have to see who the friends of my friends are! And pictures. Aren't they the best? All these "friends" from childhood and college--I've had a good giggle or 2. Time has not been kind to some! (Don't worry, I can take what I dish. After all, I'm 32 and I have braces!) And then there are the "friend" requests that I've been getting--the ones where you feel really bad because you're probably supposed to know or remember the person, but for the life of you...Yeah. And married names don't help. Oh and then there are 'pokes', 'superpokes', and 'flares'! I have no idea. 'Wall-to-wall'? Why is it called a 'wall'? 'Save an acre'? Oh I have so much to learn!

So bare with me you facebook friends! If I don't get to blogging as much, it's your fault! You told me to do "it"! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We have poop!

Poo-poo in the po-tee, poo-poo in the po-tee...belonging to a certain 2-year-old!

I contemplated taking a picture of the momentous poo but thankfully decided against it.
You're welcome.

Fabulous Fall Day

Yum. I love, love, LOVE days like today! It was a perfect fall day. The morning's crisp, cool air gave way to downright warm afternoon sun, and we headed to the pumpkin patch!

The pumpkin patch is always a milestone marker for me. Each year we go, and each year I can't help but think about previous years--the ages and stages of my kids, what they were doing, what they looked like, etc... It's fun to look back in pictures and find other years' versions of the same shots from today. It again reminds me just how big my kids are getting. For us, Heiser's Pumpkin Patch is a tradition 6 years in the making. Take a look:


And of course not to leave Molly girl out...

2008-When did a 2 year-old look so big?!

Here are a few more pics that I snapped today. It really was a glorius day out on the farm. We did it all--toured the barn, pet the animals, went down the slide, found our way thru the hay maze, rode on the wagon, picked our pumpkins, and topped it all off with fresh cider and pumpkin pie. Can't beat it!

Now just to find time in our crazy lives to actually carve our pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ryans and Gibsons Do Disney!

So our secret is out. We just returned from "the happiest place on earth"! Again. Probably because we were just there in June I feel like I have to justify our going again. But then I think about it some more and conclude that's just silly! Who cares?! I could rattle off a list of events that led to us booking a rather last minute, surprise trip for the kids, but in the end the only thing that really matters is that we had the opportunity and the money to pay for it and some of our best friends to go along. Why not go?! And, of course, we're glad we did. We narrowly escaped major illness (the runny noses, sneezing, and sinus pressure didn't set in 'til the night before we traveled home), enjoyed sunny and warm afternoons (but rather brisk evenings...brrr!), and strategically navigated our way throughout the park onto all of our favorite rides, including a few new ones for my super cautious 5 year-old!

And when we got home, Grayson reported that his favorite part was "just being there with my friend Garrett". Even though they fought like brothers over who got to drive the car or control the lever or...(what have you), and they rarely wanted to go on the same ride at the same time, my heart is happy just knowing that Grayson knows what a big deal it was to go on such a trip with his best buddy. I mean I had best friends growing up, too, but none that I ever would have gotten to go on such a "big" trip with. Lucky kids. But we are equally lucky to be their parents. I mean it is priceless to watch your own kids at a place like Disneyland, but to be able to watch them experience it with their best friends, too, is pretty special and amazing. And while Grayson and Molly didn't react to the surprise of getting to go the way that I thought they would (think confusion rather than elation), I know that Grayson for sure will always remember this trip as something totally unexpected, pretty magical, and full of great memories with family AND friends.

It was hard to get these 2 away from the "horsies"!
Snakes a plenty, snakes galore! Yikes!
So cute...but with 1 friend missing. :(
Poor Molly. We thought this would be her time. Ask anyone that she spends much time with, she is ALWAYS talking about wanting to give Mickey a hug. Always. And the magical moment was upon her, and...dangit! And we're not talking just shying away from the over-sized but friendly mouse. We're talking SCREAMS of terror! Instant. And from that point on, there would be no more happy talk of Mickey Mouse or desiring to give him (or Minnie) a hug. Nope, "Mickey too scary. I no give Mickey a hug." And so it was...
Maybe next time, Sis!


So the day started out innocently enough. The kids were out of school because of a teacher inservice day. I was out of school...well...because I took a personal day. The day before we had planned with Grayson to head into Portland to the Children's Museum. He was quite excited, which made leaving at 7:30 in the morning easy to do. So we were on our way...until we ended up in the airport parking lot! Hmmm, that was clue #1. Clue #2?

Mickey and Minnie shirts to go around!

And by 5 o'clock this is where we were!!!

And happy!!!

Still happy!

Battling the Evil Emperor Zurg...

...and riding Winnie the Pooh full of wide-eyed wonder.

Who needs a better reason to go to Disneyland?!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Check back here on Tuesday, and I'll let you in on a little secret! (And, um, no I am NOT having a baby!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

October Already?

I'm not quite sure where September went. All I know is that one minute it was here, and now it's gone. I guess between soccer, school, and cold and flu bugs I lost track.

I wish I had more to blog about. Really I don't. Not even any new soccer pictures. Last weekend was our first game in the rain. You'd be proud of me. I stood out there in the wind and drizzle like a true soccer mom should--cheered my boy on and got over the fact that the 20 minutes I spent earlier that morning straightening my hair were all a big waste of time.

The only other things that come to mind from the past couple of weeks are the germ bugs that hit our house. I got my first cold (I know, you're captivated, aren't you?) and Molly was the unlucky recipient of the first flu bug to strike our family this school-year. Poor thing. It would be odd for a child to enjoy throwing up, but I have to say that on the spectrum of not liking it, Molly is WAY down at the end--like she REALLY does not like throwing up. For 2-3 days, whenever she thought about it, she absolutely FREAKED out. So let's just hope that she's not a child prone to tummy troubles because I don't think any of us at this house could handle it!

So that's how WE closed out September. But this:
This is how my very best friend from college closed out September. Isn't he beautiful? He entered the lives of Allison and Tom a little over a week ago on September 29th. And let me tell you...waiting to welcome this little guy into the world has been a long time coming. But well worth the wait! And there aren't 2 more deserving parents than Tom and Allison. If you 2 read this, I love you! And I can't tell you how happy I am for you! My heart is full.
Did I mention that little Andrew wasn't so little at birth? 10 pounds, 3 ounces! Allison doesn't see (or feel) the beauty of a c-section YET, but I keep telling her that she will! When baby #2 comes along, she will LOVE that c-section! :)
In case my blogging continues to be as infrequent as it has been of late, then I guess I better wish you all a Happy Fall! But I do promise to TRY to be more timely with my posts...