Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet May Babes

I schooled myself in scanning pictures today just so I could write this post! And in the meantime, I had the best time taking a walk down "memory lane", as I sorted thru a very cluttered tub of precious baby keepsakes. Pictures, scrapbooks, baby books, cards, hospital mementos, tiny clothes, etc... Seems like so long ago that I started adding to that tub!

In fact, it was 7 years ago this month--May. Birthday month for us around here...even though in truth, only 1 person in our family has a May birthday. But there are a couple of others near and dear to our hearts. We love them like family! So this post, because it's May 3rd, is for my (other)sweet boy, Garrett. (Don't worry, my own sweet Grayson will get his post in just 12 days.) But is Garrett's day. Actually I consider it our day because while it is Garrett's birthday, it was my due date! Aw, the due date that came and went. You all know by now how that turned out...Ha! Ha!

Anyway, back to sweet Garrett. Only God knows where our paths will take us in life, but I love, love, love that nothing can ever change the fact that I got to hold that sweet boy in my arms during his first hours of life--snuggling there in the hospital rocking chair, as I pleaded with him to nudge his little buddy (Grayson) out! And with Garrett, I don't take my honorary "auntie" status lightly. Because even though he is one of the sweetest, most compassionate, most loving kids around, you definitely have to earn your spot in his inner circle. And thankfully, my spot has been safe since that very first day 7 years ago in May. And even though the "auntie" title may not stick as time goes on, I know that my place in his heart will. Just like his special place in my heart is secure for ever and ever--a special place he's held right from the start.

And speaking of "the start"...

Holy chubby mama!!! (Me, not Sarri.) I can't believe there was only a 7 pound baby in there and not a whale!

A first meeting between friends.

"Aahhh, don't roll over! Don't roll over!"

And to another sweet one near and dear to me--Maddy--more than your brother turning 7, I cannot believe that you were just 2 (!!!) when I first met you! And now you're just days shy of being 10. Wow. What a great big "Sissy" you my kids, too! Thank you. How I am loving watching you grow into the confident, smart, kind girl that you are. Consider me one of your forever cheerleaders!

Apparently a not so merry Christmas party! :)
(Little Jamers, Grayson, Ryan, and Garrett)

So again, happy birthday to my 3 sweet May babes!

Happy Easter 2010

(Taken by Molly. Not bad!)

"Village" Egg Hunt

Our "village" has an Easter tradition now 2 years in the making. We've taken to organizing (thanks to Sarri) our own egg hunts! All you need is an empty lot, plenty of kids, and a nice big garage to stand in when it's pouring rain outside. Among its members, our "village" has all 3!

Waiting to be let loose!

Little Aiden. He and I snuck a head start! :)




Grayson and Isaac

Carter and his mama


Sorting and trading loot is all part of the fun!

Spring Break Day Trip

Spring Break is always a welcome break from the daily grind. This year was no exception. And while it would be fun to be one of those jet-setters who heads to warmer ground in places like California, Arizona, or Hawaii, I have learned to be content with a more low-key version of Spring Break--multiple days of sleeping in, trips to the park, eating out, play dates, and hopefully a day trip or 2 thrown in!

This year, my parents were here for the first part of the week. It rained. But luckily there were a few sun breaks and a few fun hours spent at the park(s). Then mid-week Dave took a day off from work and we headed to the beach! And prayed for sun!

We did get sun--yay! But wind, too--yuck.

We could only handle the bitter cold wind so long, so we packed up, ate lunch at Kyllo's, and then headed to Tillamook to visit the cheese factory! It was a first time experience for the kids. We all had fun and survived the MASSIVELY long line to get ice cream!

M-m-m, good!
Like I said, for now I'm content to stick around the PacNW during Spring Break. But mark my words!!! When I either A.) win the lottery or B.) go back to teaching full-time, then Mr. Sun, I will be tracking you down with family in tow!!!