Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He shoots. He scores!

And I have not one picture. Which wouldn't be that surprising for, say, some of my other friends like...cough...Allison...cough. But do you know how many soccer games I've been tracking the action of thru the lens of my little Canon Powershot?!? There I was, always poised and ready whenever the ball got even remotely close to G's feet. Until last night. After all, it was FREEZING cold and raining. But then it happened. All it took was one sweet pass from his buddy James and a swift kick from Grayson into the goal. SCOOOOORRRREEEE! And the best part, besides the precious, excited look on G's face, was the fact that the rest of the "crowd" on our team's side was just as excited for our little guy as Dave and I were. We'd all been trying to will that goal to happen for 3 seasons now. Coaches included.

Mission accomplished. Good job, Buddy!

What's that, you say?

On a recent family drive to Salem...Grayson, Dave, and I were all visiting--talking about our days. Molly started 'mooing' from the back seat. Loudly.

Me: "Whatcha doin' Molly?"

M: "Just cowing."

Another day...

M: "Momma, why do you like to snuggle me?"

Me: "Because I love you so much."

M: "And because I'm soft?"

And just last night...Mind you, Grayson scored his first soccer goal EVER!

Me: "G, that was definitely the most exciting thing that has happened all season!"

G: (responding in a 'let down' kind of way) "You mean not in your whole life?!?"

Ummm, well...

I sure do love my kids!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Could it be?

What's that a picture of, you ask? That would be a sticker chart. For poop. Specifically, poop in the potty. Not on the carpet, not in the tub, not in panties, and heavens no, not in the pretty princess pull-ups. The same pull-ups that probably cost us half of our retirement! Seriously. Because we started that sticker chart a loooooooooonnnnnng time ago. Like a year ago. Okay, maybe not a whole year, but it seems like it was about 8 years ago. But, alas, a bazillion dollars and hundreds of pull-ups later, we may have turned a corner. Or perhaps we rounded a mountain would be more like it! Because today our stubborn, strong-willed, almost 4 year-old daughter earned her very last sticker!!! Yahoo! So off to the toy store we will go--Miss M in her frilly TinkerBell panties and maybe, just maybe even showing a little crack when she bends down! (Believe me, I'm just happy that crack gets to see the light of day.)