Sunday, November 30, 2008

Full of Thanks

So the long holiday weekend has drawn to a close. And while for various reasons it didn't rank up there with the best of the best, I've been humbled over the last couple of days and really can't complain. I mean I could complain that my husband had to work 3 out of the 4 days, but then I think about an old high school friend who I just caught up with on 'facebook'. Her husband was recently deployed for a second time, and she's left at home to raise their 2 young girls, ages 4 and 5 months. He'll be gone for a year. So really, I think I can survive a few days on my own.

And going back to the whole work thing. Really, how can I complain? My husband has work. He has people coming at him from all different directions asking him to work. He doesn't have time to do all of the work. The time thing--that stinks. I hate to give him up on the weekends. But I know that we are being blessed right now during a difficult time. After all, just today Dave's boss had to lay off 1 more employee. Guess who that leaves? Dave. So it kind of seems like a waiting game 'til Dave, too is let go, but for now at least he has work. And a paycheck. And even some possibilities out there on the horizon. Too many other people don't have work. I can't complain.

And then there are my kids. The 2 who mean more to me than anything else.
Waiting for Santa...

Again, I could complain about the monster fit that Grayson threw while at the Santa parade--the one that was so bad that I had to remove him from the action and march him up and down 4th Street just so he didn't get to experience the joy of seeing Jolly Old Saint Nick go by on the fire truck--but all of that was forgotten when I heard 3 sweet words come at me from the bath tub the next day. "Mom, I'm sorry." And later that night when we got together with friends for an annual holiday dinner, not one complaint was heard about the lack of individual gifts this year. Instead we did a game exchange--one game per family. And while the kids did love the new games, the night was more about being together, playing, and having fun. They got it. They got the spirit of the season. And my heart was/is full. I really can't complain about that.

What it's all about...
And did I mention that I didn't have to do a single dish on Thanksgiving? Or cook, for that matter. Again, no complaints!

Yes, life does throw us curve balls, and chances are good that my family will have to dodge a few more here and there. But for now, this holiday season, you won't hear complaining from me. Not much anyway.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Suri Cruise, that is!

Okay, so my husband totally did not get my reference to Suri when we cut Molly's hair last week. How anyone who watches tv (and heaven knows, WE watch A LOT of tv!) can not know that Suri is the offspring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is beyond me! Ladies, humor me on this one. Consider this post for the potential 1 other person out there who, like my husband, has some catching up to do on pop culture!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slarty On!

In short, Grayson had a sleepover last weekend, but you will not understand the title of this post unless you read this. Funny kids.

Anyway, the boys were THRILLED. They really don't get to play with each other much outside of school this year, which is SUCH a change from the 4+ years up to now! And dare I say (gasp) that Grayson was even starting to say that maybe, just maybe (gasp again), Garrett was not his best friend anymore!!! I know! HUGE, right?....(ahem)....I mean....of course I know that they're only 5 years old and really, what is a "best" friend to a 5 year-old? But still! So I decided it was time for intervention #1 of probably 1,080, and I planned a sleepover.

And thankfully during this intervention, all associated persons involved were happy to oblige. :) And after a fun night of pizza, cookie decorating, Tinkerbell the movie (hand-picked by 2 certain 5 year-old boys), baths, books, and lots of costume dress-up, peace was restored to the universe. 2 little boys fell asleep WAY too late but quite certainly as "best" friends once again.
Here are pictures of the fun little cookie "craft" we did. It's super easy and festive. You should try it!
That's sugar cookie dough that I cut out in the shape of their hands.
Then this would be the "intended" end result. Gobble! Gobble!
Molly got right to work.
Thank goodness for frosting and its glue-like capabilities! We avoided near disaster when a certain naughty 2 year-old got ahold of sweet Garrett's cookie and broke the palm right in 2! Gggrrr. But as a I said, thank goodness we had frosting. It only took a few deep breathing exercises for all of us (me and Garrett) to recover!
Happy cookie artists.
And viola:



Guess whose??? :)
And just a couple more pics:

Notice Molly in the picture? Um, yeah, that did not last. Actually, for that matter, the boys didn't last in Grayson's room either! When all was said and done and about 4 different sleeping arrangements later, they landed in MY bed! That landed me in Grayson's bed and Dave on the futon. Did I mention they woke up before 6 a.m.!!! Gotta love sleepovers!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Call Her Suri!

Check out Molly's new 'do!

"Seriously, Mom. Are you done yet?"

"I'm really sick of saying 'cheeeezzzzze'!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie Trailer

Seen Madagascar 2 yet? If not, here's what you're missing...

Airplane scene: (imagine a penguin, a hippo, and a giraffe...)

Bet that will sell some tickets, huh? :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost and Found

It's a little disconcerting when you open a closed door to check on your sleeping daughter, only to find this:

And when a quick survey of the scene reveals nothing, you automatically begin to envision which couch Matt Lauer will sit on when he comes to do the Dateline NBC interview because your daughter, who seemingly led an idyllic life, has suddenly vanished. (Wait. What? You mean that's not one of the first things you think of??? Oh.) Anyway, though I do really like Matt Lauer, I guess he won't be coming after all.
Here's where I found my sweet peanut:
As you can see, we're still having big girl bed "issues".

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The other title I had in mind was 'blah, blah, blah' since I'm sure you're all getting sick of me lamenting over the fact that my kids are growing up much too fast! Don't get me wrong, they're so fun! I love them more than anything! But I also miss them like this:

Okay, so I have a zillion more flattering pictures of Li'l Sis, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to post those adorable chubby cheeks on my boy! Now THAT seems forever ago! And Molly, can you believe she was that tiny? Under 6 pounds when we brought her home. And perhaps not the right baby--look at that dark skin! (Kidding. She really is ours.)

And after this past weekend, I REALLY miss them (or at least one of them) like this:
Confined and content. Did I mention confined? In a crib. Oh, the crib. How I did love thee. Many nights over the past 5+ years have been spent standing over that crib--praying, singing, and watching my sweet babies sleep.

But Miss Molly, my almost 3 year-old, finally caught on. After all, her like-aged friends have been in regular beds for months now. So it was time. Sweet Sis wanted a "big girl" bed of her own. So while she napped in another room on Saturday, her bedroom underwent a transformation. Out with the old and dearly beloved:

And in with the new:

Grayson loved getting to help.
Bedroom (minus a few yet-to-arrive touches) compliments of ebay, Pottery Barn Kids, and!
And how, you ask, has the transition been? Well let's just say that the pitter patter of little feet have graced our stairs far too often over the last few days. In other words, she does NOT stay in her bed!!! And we thought it was bad enough to have 1 child who wakes up at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. Now we have 2!!!
So forgive me, but I am off to take a nap!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's A Wrap!

Say it isn't so! This morning was Grayson's last soccer game of the season. Already we're longing for March and the spring season to start. Really, it was so much fun for our whole family. And while I will admit that I wasn't sure if Grayson had it in him to be a soccer play, he did AWESOME! True, no goals were scored by his short little legs (that would have been my perfect ending to the season), but that boy by the end sure did know how to attack the ball and hussle around the field! Good job, Pal! You WILL get that goal someday!

But, in the meantime, this is how he's feeling about himself:

G: "Mom, what if they gave out ONE trophy to the soccer player who did the best job but just didn't score a goal?"

Me: "Huh, that would be somethin', wouldn't it?" (truthfully only half participating in the conversation)

G: (after apparently I didn't give him enough of a response/reaction) "MOM!!! That would be me, you know?!"

Hey, you've got to admire his glass half full approach!

Sarri made sure that the 4 best friends got to share the field at the same time during their last game. Thanks, Coach!

You can't see our little goalie, but he IS about to block a goal! Way to go!

And what could be better than "real" medals and cupcakes to celebrate?!

See you in the spring, Cougars!

Off To Neverland!

The Halloween photo shoot:

Tink and Peter Pan--BFFs.

"Show us you smile, Molly!" (And this what we get.)

But really, have you seen a cuter Tinkerbell???

House #1--5:00 p.m.:

"Trick or treat!"

The annual Trunk or Treat event in our church's parking lot:

Trick or treating at Grayson's teacher's house:
In Grayson's words, going to his teacher's house was "the best part of Halloween." Okay, the lady deserves a Teacher of the Year award! Not only was she brave/kind/thoughtful enough to include her home address in the weekly newsletter, but she INVITED US IN! During her dinner! AND served cookies! AND introduced us to her whole family (who were, by the way, eating dinner at the time!!!)! Sweet Grayson was star struck the entire time. Could barely speak. But I, being his mama, knew just how much he was loving it. And he did. Thank you, Mrs. D!
A first for us! Trick or treating at Nana Pam's:

And no Halloween is complete without a final stop at the Gibson's:
Tinkerbell and Hannah Montana. Too cute!

Finally, sorting the loot--8:30p.m.:
Halloween + candy = 2 very happy kids.