Friday, January 25, 2008

Potpourri Friday

Here are a few random "nuggets" from the past week or so. (I actually really despise that saying. My boss throws out the "nugget" line ALL the time, and it drives me CRAZY!) :)

Life has been busy as usual for the McMinnville-based Ryans. So you'd think with as busy as we've been that I'd have plenty to share with all of you, especially since I haven't posted for quite awhile! Sadly, no. I guess we've just been swamped with all of the normal day-to-day events. Work. Work has been a little extra crazy for both Dave and I. For Dave, he has taken on an increased workload in the past couple of weeks due to some of his job site superintendents being laid off. Eek! Nothing that you don't all know, but the home building industry is in serious dire straights right now! But thankfully Dave is actually enjoying the opportunity to get out in the field again and pick up a hammer from time to time; however he's still managing the waranty department, too, so he's adjusting to being busier than he had been. For me, it's crunch time right now at school as I've got to wrap up mid-year assessments in the next week so that I can fill out report cards. And don't laugh! Kindergarten report cards are serious business these days! The kids, well they're fun and full of energy as usual (and finally healthy)! Here are a few pics from the last week:

Here's our new "time-out" spot. Ha! Don't panic and call Child Services, I'm just kidding!
It has been really cold here this week, yet one night Grayson insisted on going outside in the dark to check on his sandbox. How could I say "no" to the boy when he already had his coat, hat, gloves, and headlamp on?! I mean he dug out his headlamp for goodness sake! And turns out that it was a scientific teachable moment, as he was quite amazed to discover a SOLID sheet of ice on top of the sand. Oh and good news! We found the 'Surf's Up' McDonald's toy that "we" had been agonizing over losing for months now. :)
Also this week, everyone at the Ryan house ramped up his/her exercise routine!
My next post will be for sweet Molly's birthday, which unbelievably is just 2 days away! My eyes literally tear up whenever I talk about it. I just don't know how it has already been 2 years! What an angel we have...

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