Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Break Day Trip

Spring Break is always a welcome break from the daily grind. This year was no exception. And while it would be fun to be one of those jet-setters who heads to warmer ground in places like California, Arizona, or Hawaii, I have learned to be content with a more low-key version of Spring Break--multiple days of sleeping in, trips to the park, eating out, play dates, and hopefully a day trip or 2 thrown in!

This year, my parents were here for the first part of the week. It rained. But luckily there were a few sun breaks and a few fun hours spent at the park(s). Then mid-week Dave took a day off from work and we headed to the beach! And prayed for sun!

We did get sun--yay! But wind, too--yuck.

We could only handle the bitter cold wind so long, so we packed up, ate lunch at Kyllo's, and then headed to Tillamook to visit the cheese factory! It was a first time experience for the kids. We all had fun and survived the MASSIVELY long line to get ice cream!

M-m-m, good!
Like I said, for now I'm content to stick around the PacNW during Spring Break. But mark my words!!! When I either A.) win the lottery or B.) go back to teaching full-time, then Mr. Sun, I will be tracking you down with family in tow!!!

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