Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sugar Eggs

I am crafty in the sense that I can look at an example and copy it. During my rubber stamping and card making days I made some incredible cards--but never once created my own. If I didn't see it in a catalog, then I didn't try it. Yes, sadly, that's the extent of my craftiness. When it comes to creating from scratch, then I'm not your girl.

I could say it's just not in my genes, but that would be a lie. My mother cannot be blamed. She can sew, she can knit, and she was even known to do a little baking back in the day. (The baking? Not so much anymore. Hee hee.) But when I was young, she made and frosted some incredible birthday cakes. I have all of the cake pans now. In my garage. Collecting dust.

Another thing that she/we used to make when I was growing up were Easter sugar eggs. And a couple of weeks ago when my parents were here visiting, Grandma revived the tradition and did the same activity with my kids. It was fun to watch (though I must admit that Dave and I skipped out early--a rare opportunity to go out on an actual date) and brought back some great memories. The size of a pea--that's about how much stamina the kids had, but with Grandma's help (and hard work) "they" saw the project thru to completion.

These 2 particular eggs were made when I was a kid. They're really old and practically fossilized! But still in tact.
Here's how it all began...

Molly's grassy meadow scene was...well...interesting. She went a little heavy on the white "glue" (a.k.a. frosting) could double for a winter snow scene!

And ta-da! The 2009 versions. Will they last 20 years, too? Well that remains to be seen, but this year anyway we sure have enjoyed them! Thanks, Mom!

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