Monday, September 7, 2009


So originally I had every good intention of writing a "Winding It Down" post, detailing some of the fun things we did in the latter part of August. But then, well, August came and went and all of a sudden I was back working in my classroom (albeit a new classroom). So naturally a "Ramping It Up" post seemed fitting. But then, well, I lived through the last 2 weeks. Barely. So now the only thing that seems remotely appropriate is this post about my overwhelming gratitude. The gratitude I feel toward my "village"--those people playing active roles in the raising of my children. And let me tell you, there are many! And through thick and thin, they are there. For me. For my kids. The only reason Team Ryan is ever in the Winner's Circle is because we have these amazing assistants on the sidelines, helping us carry out each play.

Having them there on the sidelines is nothing new, but it's during those times--the 'thin' of the thick and thin--when I am reminded just how important they are. How indebted I am to them.

So to my amazing family and friends, I say, "Thank you." Thank you Mom and Dad for being incredible grandparents. But what you do for our family each year at this time goes so far beyond grandparenting. Thank you for your tireless work around our house and in our yard--doing all those things that fall to the wayside during Inservice Week. You shop, you clean, you cook, and you're STILL willing and able to drop everything at a moment's notice to play yet another round of Hide-and-Seek. Or go for a walk. Or build with Legos. Or dress a baby doll in her 18th outfit of the day. How lucky Grayson and Molly are. As are we. Thank you.

And friends, I'm not sure that I could survive without you. Having my daycare arrangement fall thru in the 11th hour was about more than I could handle. But again, you were there to help me pick up the pieces. And though it wasn't THE plan for this year, somehow it just seems right to keep Molly inside the village. My heart thanks you, and I just pray that you know how far beyond the words "thank you" my gratitude extends.

Thank God that time and time again the bleachers on our team's side are full. Full of all of you. Our "village". My family is blessed to no end because of your willingness to give of yourselves for our benefit. I can only pray that someday, somehow we, in some helpful way, will be able return the favor. Until then, I just continue to say, "Thank you."

And now, family and friends, I think I must go take a nap. These last 2 weeks have EXHAUSTED me!!!

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Michelle said...

Been thinking of you this week, hoping all is going well at your new school and that Grayson is loving his class. I'm sorry to hear about the daycare situation...but glad you have a new plan.