Monday, October 12, 2009

Could it be?

What's that a picture of, you ask? That would be a sticker chart. For poop. Specifically, poop in the potty. Not on the carpet, not in the tub, not in panties, and heavens no, not in the pretty princess pull-ups. The same pull-ups that probably cost us half of our retirement! Seriously. Because we started that sticker chart a loooooooooonnnnnng time ago. Like a year ago. Okay, maybe not a whole year, but it seems like it was about 8 years ago. But, alas, a bazillion dollars and hundreds of pull-ups later, we may have turned a corner. Or perhaps we rounded a mountain would be more like it! Because today our stubborn, strong-willed, almost 4 year-old daughter earned her very last sticker!!! Yahoo! So off to the toy store we will go--Miss M in her frilly TinkerBell panties and maybe, just maybe even showing a little crack when she bends down! (Believe me, I'm just happy that crack gets to see the light of day.)

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