Monday, December 20, 2010


As I sit and type this morning, I am reminded that last year at this time we were in McCall. In the snow. Lots of snow. Being super tourists. Sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating. I'm not sad about staying home this year--I will definitely enjoy the slower pace for a couple of weeks--but I do kind of miss the snow. The cold and wet of it I could live without, but it IS beautiful. MUCH more beautiful than the buckets of rain currently falling outside. And the snow, of course, can be fun. So I am sad for the kids because they enjoy it so much. Okay, I admit it! Even after all these years of living here in rain country, I miss having a WHITE Christmas! I'm sad for me! There, I said it. So I'm so glad that we didn't let the zillion things on our (my) "to do" list stop us from heading to the mountain a couple of weeks ago with our neighbors. There were a million reasons that I felt like saying "no", but I KNEW that if we didn't go with friends, then we'd likely not get up to the snow at all this season. So we threw our long list of (mostly unimportant) to do's out the window, packed our gear, and headed to Government Camp for a few hours of fun and snow!

(FYI: If you go, it's practically criminal what they charge to use their tubes!!! And of course you have to use their tubes. Who knew that my 7 YEAR-OLD was an adult?! And $18 adult at that!!! I decided to skip the sledding and be on camera duty instead.)

We worried (after we shelled out the big bucks for her) that Molly wouldn't even be willing to try it. After all, last year she wanted NOTHING to do with sledding or tubing. But thankfully, a year made all the difference. Granted, she wouldn't do it by herself (like our 3 year-old neighbor friend, Brooklynn) but she loved going down with Dave.

Our neighbors, Rich and Nathan.



Neighbor Jon.

Happy family. Seriously, the kids were amazing! They never complained about the cold, and even Molly (who sometimes lacks the stamina to go up our stairs at home!) tromped up the hill by herself every time!

Molly and Brooklynn.

Thanks, neighbors! It was FUN!

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