Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the Season...for a Holiday Program!

I don't care what anyone says, I LOVE Christmas programs! Yes, I know they take A LOT of time to pull together, which means A LOT of time out of the classroom. And yes, I know that the kids hate to give up weeks of their "normal" routine, including P.E. Trust me, as a teacher and one who's been there, done that, I know that getting ready for one of these programs can threaten to suck all the joy out of the season. BUT! When I get to sit in the stands as a parent, oh my, my! Especially when I watch my boy--the one who we worried about ever finding his own wings of independence. Thankfully, he's found them! He's really growing up...and growing into a super smart, confident, ready to try anything kid! In fact, he looked so comfortable up there on the risers that for a minute, Dave and I both feared that he might break out his own brand of "hip-hop" (complete with lots of bum slapping) during one of the songs! Phew! He didn't. But he sang his little heart out with confidence, did all of the motions, and genuinely looked to be enjoying himself. And boy did I enjoy watching him!

This girl liked watching her brother, too!

This boy knows how to please his mama! He knew I was taking pictures and was ready with an ear to ear grin each time!

'Tis the season!

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