Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Disney Trip 09 - Day 4

I think I can, I think I can...I WILL keep blogging, I WILL keep blogging...(Can you hear the train pushing up the mountain?)

Okay, day 4. All about the princesses. And our own Princess Molly.

We ate breakfast At Ariel's Grotto, which is where you go if you want to see princesses. And let me tell you, sometimes we force Molly to put a smile on her face for pictures, but there was definitely no forcing this morning! She was just plain happy. Really, really happy. And it was so fun to watch her. If she hadn't been so "star" struck, then she would have been a chatter box, too, but she was mostly just content to gaze at them, hug them, and smile (a real smile!) for the camera.

Then afterward, thanks to Grayson's new enthusiasm for "thrill" rides, we hit Grizzly River Run for the first time. And no, I'm not dumb. I knew that I could get wet. I watched lots of people come off the ride a little damp--water spots on their clothes, maybe a few drops in their hair, some with squeaky/squishy shoes. But me? I got SOAKED! As in drenched. As in a wall of water came over my head and landed in my lap (and on every other part of me). The people on the other side of the raft got quite a good laugh at my expense. Ha. Ha. Good thing it was a warm, sunny day. But still, I was more than a little uncomfortable. And the wet look? Yeah, it just doesn't work for me. Unless you dig frizzy. Grayson though? He loved it and went a second time with Dave. And yep, you guessed it...Dave hardly got wet. Figures.

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