Friday, March 6, 2009

He's Gellin'!

I knew that I shouldn't have started bragging about my kids not being very sick this school-year. Because of course what struck the very next week? Yep. Actually, according to the doctor, "nothing" came to our house uninvited, but that "nothing" brought with it vomit, fevers, coughing, sneezing, and enough snot to go thru 2 or 3 boxes of kleenex. Sure sounds like "nothing", huh?

So I decided that a child who has "nothing" should, indeed, look like he has "nothing", so it was off to Great Clips we went immediately following our apparently unnecessary trip to the doctor's off. There's just something about a new 'do that can make you go from homely to happening just like that.

I thought we'd go for "short all over" just like normal, but the gal knew she had putty in her hands and suggested to Grayson that if she left the front longer, then he'd be able to spike it up with gel. And, well, all Grayson needed to hear was the word 'gel', and he was sold! And let me tell you, you do not mess with a boy and his styling products, much less his style! In fact, for the first several days after, he was leary of any activity that *might* mess up his hair. Are you kidding me?!? There's just something not right about a 5 year-old boy constantly checking in with you to ask, "Does my hair look okay?" Seriously! But I will admit, he is dang good looking and oh-so-cute with his spikey new 'do!

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Michelle said...

Love his new do! Nothing wrong with a guy who wants to look good. Ry plans his outfits and on his "Nike hoodie" day, he has to have on Nike socks to match his Nike hoodie. :) Who ever said boys couldn't be fashion conscious obviously didn't know our boys!