Monday, November 9, 2009

What's a fever at the pumpkin patch?

You'd think that judging by this picture:

And this picture: post title would be referring to Miss M. Not true. No, those are just more examples of our girl's feisty side--stubborn and strong-willed to no end! And, well, perhaps a little diva like, questioning why oh why would we make her walk (heaven forbid!) all the way around the pumpkin patch?! She's a girl with attitude, I tell ya! And we wouldn't change her for a second. Not even a little.

No, actually, it was Grayson who spiked a fever the night before. BUT, how could we pass up the opportunity to head to Heiser's Farm when A.) it was a beautiful fall afternoon and B.) Grandma happened to be in town, just by chance? Nope, we couldn't resist. Besides, a little fresh air would surely do G good, right? (And, to be honest, he wasn't acting like he felt sick.) So we gave it a go, and, as always, we had a wonderful time. And like I said, it was an added bonus to have my mom with us. Growing up where I did, going to the pumpkin patch wasn't a possibility. Going to Paul's, the local grocery store, was more like it. So I'm glad that Mom got to experience one of our family's October traditions with us. And tradition it is. Always Heiser's Farm. Every year. But I think Grayson may argue that this was the LAST year for me to make him "pose" on the pedal tractors.

Yeah, he does look a little big, doesn't he? (And sickly, for that matter. Oops!)

Check out this post from last year to see each year's "pose". How did we arrive at 2009 so fast?!

And check out the slideshow down below for the rest of the 2009 experience.

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