Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ryans and Gibsons Do Disney!

So our secret is out. We just returned from "the happiest place on earth"! Again. Probably because we were just there in June I feel like I have to justify our going again. But then I think about it some more and conclude that's just silly! Who cares?! I could rattle off a list of events that led to us booking a rather last minute, surprise trip for the kids, but in the end the only thing that really matters is that we had the opportunity and the money to pay for it and some of our best friends to go along. Why not go?! And, of course, we're glad we did. We narrowly escaped major illness (the runny noses, sneezing, and sinus pressure didn't set in 'til the night before we traveled home), enjoyed sunny and warm afternoons (but rather brisk evenings...brrr!), and strategically navigated our way throughout the park onto all of our favorite rides, including a few new ones for my super cautious 5 year-old!

And when we got home, Grayson reported that his favorite part was "just being there with my friend Garrett". Even though they fought like brothers over who got to drive the car or control the lever or...(what have you), and they rarely wanted to go on the same ride at the same time, my heart is happy just knowing that Grayson knows what a big deal it was to go on such a trip with his best buddy. I mean I had best friends growing up, too, but none that I ever would have gotten to go on such a "big" trip with. Lucky kids. But we are equally lucky to be their parents. I mean it is priceless to watch your own kids at a place like Disneyland, but to be able to watch them experience it with their best friends, too, is pretty special and amazing. And while Grayson and Molly didn't react to the surprise of getting to go the way that I thought they would (think confusion rather than elation), I know that Grayson for sure will always remember this trip as something totally unexpected, pretty magical, and full of great memories with family AND friends.

It was hard to get these 2 away from the "horsies"!
Snakes a plenty, snakes galore! Yikes!
So cute...but with 1 friend missing. :(
Poor Molly. We thought this would be her time. Ask anyone that she spends much time with, she is ALWAYS talking about wanting to give Mickey a hug. Always. And the magical moment was upon her, and...dangit! And we're not talking just shying away from the over-sized but friendly mouse. We're talking SCREAMS of terror! Instant. And from that point on, there would be no more happy talk of Mickey Mouse or desiring to give him (or Minnie) a hug. Nope, "Mickey too scary. I no give Mickey a hug." And so it was...
Maybe next time, Sis!


Michelle said...

Who needs to justify a reason to go to Disneyland?? I say "seize the moment", whatever the reason. It is truly something magical to see your kids experience Disney no matter how many times you/they go. Maybe during your next Disney adventure Miss Molly will be excited to give Mickey some loves.

Sarri said...

So fun! I haven't even had a chance to download my pictures yet! You did good though. We had a great time!

paige said...

wow!!!!!! great pictures.