Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parents of the Year

It drives me crazy when parents bring their kids to larger social settings (say, perhaps a soccer game) and then forget to actually be parents, assuming instead that someone else will look out for the well-being of their children. Ugh. Those parents. But, then again, perhaps they do deserve a teeny tiny bit of leeway. I mean I'm sure those parents would know if, say, their daughter wandered away from the said soccer game and ended up on an entirely different field by herself. Alone. I mean alone with dozens of other strangers. I'm sure those parents would just know that one of the said strangers would take pity on their daughter and care/worry enough to try to find her rightful "owners", thus bringing her all the way over to field #1 where the said soccer game was being played. And I'm sure the stranger must just not have noticed the parents (ahem, I mean those parents) when she loudly asked for all to hear, "Did anyone lose a little girl over here? We found her on our field." Lose? No, no, no. I'm sure those parents to whom the little girl belonged knew all along. I mean because, say, the little girl was only 2 years old. What parent in her right mind would allow a 2 year-old to wander off? Unless of course she was one of those parents. Maybe perhaps she was just one of those parents for a day. You know, maybe trying to teach other parents a lesson or 2. Like it was all planned. Yeah, that's probably why she shrunk down so low in her chair so that the said stranger could not identify her as one of those parents.

So stand in line, people! If there is a 'Parent of the Year' award for those parents, I've got it all but wrapped up!...I mean I would have it all but wrapped up...if of course I was one of those parents!!!


Allison said...

This entry was everything that I hoped it would be! You crack me up!

Michelle said...

Every parent has one of THOSE days. You were really just teaching Molly a lesson in independence before her preschool days, right? right? :)