Thursday, January 15, 2009

I guess I'm 'it'.

Tagged. Again. This time I am supposed to think of seven interesting little known facts about me. Perhaps the word 'interesting' should be deleted. After all, that's asking a lot! So I make no promises.

1. When I started college, I was dead set CERTAIN that I was going to be a broadcast journalist like Katie Couric. Some of you already know that. But do you know what fueled my desire? Figure skating. Truly. Katie Couric got to go to the Winter Olympics every 4 years and watch figure skating. Up close. Live. Back in the day, I was a figure skating fan like no other. Seriously, it was freaky how much I knew about ALL world class competitive skaters. Some girls had a monthly subscription to Sassy magazine. I got Figure Skating Today. (Okay, and maybe Sassy, too.) My parents were nice enough to drive me to Sun Valley every summer to see all of the big names perform. Though we camped. Sigh. No ritzy Sun Valley Lodge for us. But I have been shoulder to shoulder with Scott Hamilton and talked to Kristi Yamaguchi's mom. Have you?

Oh and the broadcast journalism thing? Yeah, Journalism 101 practically killed me. Sooooo not my thing. Apparently.

2. I never wanted to be a teacher. Never even considered it. Not once. But since the said journalism class up above practically killed me, I pretty much had to switch majors. I distinctly remember sitting in my college advisor's office. He of course was a Mass Communications professor. I sobbed. And sobbed. He asked me what else I was interested in. I loved writing, that's all I knew. So in my mind I was making this big connection between writing and English. Because in my high school English classes I always had to write! So I said, "I guess maybe English." In my head I was thinking, "Good. There. I've made a decision. I said it out loud. English it is!" And my professor said, "Oh, so you love to read?" Crap. Back to the drawing board. It was his idea to take an introductory education course. Not mine. I guess I should thank him!

3. Last year I was watching a 20/20 or Dateline NBC type show. They were celebrating the life of a nationally known motivational speaker who had just lost his battle with cancer. Eek! I feel so bad that I can't remember his name. Anyway, they showed past interviews with him during the middle of his fight. And he told the reporter that one of his first symptoms was floating poop. Shortly after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Well you can connect the dots, but for at least 2 weeks I was certain that I was dying. Not kidding. Ask my husband. And ladies, you know you've got some husband when he will spend time on the internet researching poop. And turns out, floating poop--not that bad!

4. My husband was my first kiss. Love that!

5. I have never, not once in my life, been drunk. Love that, too!

6. I 'dvr' reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210. I've seen every episode. Multiple times. And what's worse? I LOVE the new 90210! Even though it's so, so bad. So bad. I mean really bad.

7. Processed cheese. It was my biggest craving when I was pregnant, and to this day I find it DELICIOUS! Seriously. That cheese that sprays out of a can? Yum-o! 7-11 nachos? Divine! Cheez Whiz? Pushing it, but still edible. Bring on the cheese!

Okay, yeah, processed cheese--just not that interesting. Sorry. My floating poop? Now you probably wish that you didn't know that about me. Again, sorry. All I can say is that it's Sarri's fault! She tagged me! Now I tag Fairlight, Traci, Tara, and Stefanie!


Robin said...

Wow - I feel like I know you so much better now!

Next time you guys come to visit - I will prepare a processed cheese menu!

Paige said...

Floating poop! Processed cheese and first kisses....OH MY! much information, so little time. BTW, I totally, totally love processed cheese too.

Stefanie said...

That was really funny!

I ate cheese whiz sandwiches as a kid - totally strange that my parents kept it in the house and let me do that!