Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ah, pumpkin carving. An annual holiday tradition. A time for family, sometimes friends, yummy food, bonding, and all around fun. A time for lasting memories to be made.

So what memories will last from this year's experience? Let's see...

I will remember racing home from the grocery store, already late for the carving party we had been invited to. I will remember the sounds of holiday cheer when I finally did get home and walked thru the door. Oh wait. Scratch that memory. It was actually 2 screaming tantrums that I heard. With lots of crying to add effect. Definitely no memory of a party. Instead I will remember taking 2 over tired and hungry children on a last minute run to McDonald's. (There goes the yummy food memory, too.) I will remember at least one of the Happy Meals being dumped on the floor. Good times. I will remember lots, discussion (definitely not whining) by a certain 5 year-old. "Do I have to help with my pumpkin?"

But maybe I won't remember that I forced everyone to pose for these pictures and look happy! Because if you just look at the pictures, it looks like nothing but a good time.

Molly's contribution was making "towers" out of goop.

Ah, gotta love tradition!

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