Saturday, November 1, 2008

Off To Neverland!

The Halloween photo shoot:

Tink and Peter Pan--BFFs.

"Show us you smile, Molly!" (And this what we get.)

But really, have you seen a cuter Tinkerbell???

House #1--5:00 p.m.:

"Trick or treat!"

The annual Trunk or Treat event in our church's parking lot:

Trick or treating at Grayson's teacher's house:
In Grayson's words, going to his teacher's house was "the best part of Halloween." Okay, the lady deserves a Teacher of the Year award! Not only was she brave/kind/thoughtful enough to include her home address in the weekly newsletter, but she INVITED US IN! During her dinner! AND served cookies! AND introduced us to her whole family (who were, by the way, eating dinner at the time!!!)! Sweet Grayson was star struck the entire time. Could barely speak. But I, being his mama, knew just how much he was loving it. And he did. Thank you, Mrs. D!
A first for us! Trick or treating at Nana Pam's:

And no Halloween is complete without a final stop at the Gibson's:
Tinkerbell and Hannah Montana. Too cute!

Finally, sorting the loot--8:30p.m.:
Halloween + candy = 2 very happy kids.


paige said...

Tinkerbell is super cute!

Becky said...

Judy, they are so cute! Those wings looked real! I remember when Sarri went from the crib to the big girl bed at 3! You are a good mama! Love, Auntie Beck