Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's A Wrap!

Say it isn't so! This morning was Grayson's last soccer game of the season. Already we're longing for March and the spring season to start. Really, it was so much fun for our whole family. And while I will admit that I wasn't sure if Grayson had it in him to be a soccer play, he did AWESOME! True, no goals were scored by his short little legs (that would have been my perfect ending to the season), but that boy by the end sure did know how to attack the ball and hussle around the field! Good job, Pal! You WILL get that goal someday!

But, in the meantime, this is how he's feeling about himself:

G: "Mom, what if they gave out ONE trophy to the soccer player who did the best job but just didn't score a goal?"

Me: "Huh, that would be somethin', wouldn't it?" (truthfully only half participating in the conversation)

G: (after apparently I didn't give him enough of a response/reaction) "MOM!!! That would be me, you know?!"

Hey, you've got to admire his glass half full approach!

Sarri made sure that the 4 best friends got to share the field at the same time during their last game. Thanks, Coach!

You can't see our little goalie, but he IS about to block a goal! Way to go!

And what could be better than "real" medals and cupcakes to celebrate?!

See you in the spring, Cougars!


JMEC said...

suerte campeones..........

paige said...

Great pictures! Are you going to make a book about all your blogs? You have some great pictures and writing!

Judy said...

How do I get rid of that first comment??? I don't know that person, do I? Spam, right? And I have no idea what it even says!!!